Video Conferencing

Video conferencing

THE VIDEO CONFERENCE ROOM / Focus Vision System Video-Streaming 

Lets you see and hear live meetings and meetings in the focus group room by linking audio-visually with other users anywhere in the world via the Internet and the FocusVision system.

All those who are connected can communicate in real time while the meeting is in progress, interacting with the interpreter or the moderator. The reliability and quality of the Focus-vision system is among the highest available. The system is equipped with both a fixed and mobile camera, controlled by the operator in the local or remote directional hall, ensuring detailed shooting and close-up's of interviewees and objects in the room. 

Everything can be recorded and archived to be subsequently delivered on digital or analogue media and then sent to the client. All our devices are equipped with security systems that make them fit for purpose and trustworthy when it comes to security of information.
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