How We Work

How We Work

  • Briefing the client, expanding and designing the proposal or project.
  • Copywriting


  • Planning, managing, organising, coordinating and conducting surveys;
  • Telephone inquiries;
  • Qualitative inquiries;
  • Quantitative research;
  • Non-standardised surveys.


  • Co-ordinating interviews;
  • Appointment management;
  • Conducting individual and group interviews.

Audio-visual equipment installation at any venue

  • Our services include the possibility to use a portable audio-visual recording system - perfect for simultaneous interviews/ translations in a second language at remote client locations. Technical assistance is also provided.


  • We can translate our research into Italian, English, and other languages on request.



Other services

  • Assistance, servicing of audio-visual equipment, transcriptions re-written in Italian and/or English;
  • Data entry and online interviews;
  • Tea, coffee and catering;
  • Distribution of reports at the end of the testing phase;
  • Distribution of briefings and products to be tested.
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