Focus Group Room

Sala focus group

Our meeting rooms are fully-equipped to deliver high-quality audio and video recordings.
  • SALA FOCUS GROUP ROOM for 12 people - 20sqm
  • Closed circuit audio-video system: shooting, projection, recording (cameras: fixed and mobile), monitoring (director room).
  • Analogue and digital audio-video recording system - DVD, VHS, mini-DV in main language and / or simultaneous translation (possibility to record bilingual DVD with selectable language).
  • TV + VCR / DVD player: Possibility to view all standard analogue and digital standards (also the American standard NTSC).
  • System for converting recordings to all common digital formats (AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, DivX / XviD, Real, ...).
  • Mixer and sound amplifier, sound correction.
  • Videoconference/ Videostreaming Focusvision system.
  • Simultaneous translation facility available simultaneously both in the meeting room and gallery.
  • Broadband Connection (Lan / Wireless)
  • Equipment: meeting room table and chairs, flip-chart.
  • Air conditioning system.
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